1. Track Star
    San Francisco, California
  2. Dewey Defeats Truman
    San Diego, California
  3. slowcoach
    Los Angeles, California
  4. Xenos
    San Diego, California
  5. Nigel
  6. Kill Me Tomorrow
    San Diego, California
  7. T*Shirt
    Lawrence, Kansas
  8. Red Dye No. 5
    San Diego, California
  9. Chong Marker
    Louisville, Kentucky
  10. A.M. Vibe
    San Diego, California
  11. The Red Channels
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  12. Gravity Wax
    Dearborn, Michigan
  13. Everready
    San Diego, California
  14. Gapeseed
    New York, New York
  15. DeathStar
    Chico, California


Silver Girl Records San Diego, California

Silver Girl Records was established in 1992 offering its first releases in 1993. From its inception the label focused both on local bands as well as bands from near and far as we toured with the bands and met a lot of great musicians and fans along the way. Keith York established the label and worked with longtime friend, Paul Piskor, through the 1990s. The label has relaunched with James Reader. ... more

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